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Italian Beach Wedding by Ivana Spinelli

Ivana also used the new Porta Nova White Naomi roses in her Beach wedding floral decoration. The rose is available from 9th September. White Naomi is a top quality luxury rose with a long sturdy stem and a huge flowerhead. The petal count is amazing, allowing the rose to unfurl beautifully into a classic shape that is almost symmetrical.

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mother's day bouquet dolls blumen red naomi porta nova

Happy Mother’s Day from Porta Nova

May is a month like no other. This is because during this month people come together to honor and celebrate the most important individual in the family setting, the Mother….

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easter table centerpiece red naomi porta nova fabio sicurella floral design

Happy Easter from Porta Nova

Easter is a special time when family and friends come together, share a meal, love, laughter and create timeless memories. The timing is great since it is also a period…

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Once Upon A Time In The West(land). First harvest from Porta Nova new greenhouses!

Dear Flower trader / Florist As you may know at Porta Nova we started building our new greenhouse complex over a year ago. We are almost finished, and the new…

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mother's day bouquet red naomi porta nova

Mothering Sunday celebration with Porta Nova red naomi bouquets

top pic: Ski blomsterforretning as – @skiblomster Mother’s Day is commonly celebrated in May (mostly on the second Sunday of the month). But the day is also marked on different…

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IPM Essen Porta Nova Red Naomi Lana Bates Valentines Day guests 63

Lana Bates lights up IPM Essen with a lovely arrangement featuring Porta Nova roses

Top pic: Lana Bates’ floral presentation with Porta Nova roses and other top roses From January 22nd to 25th this year, the floriculture world converged at Messe Essen for one…

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Roman Steinhauer’s porta nova love heart Valentine’s Day Floral Fundamentals

Porta Nova wishes you a successful Valentine’s Day full of love

top: Roman Steinhauer’s love heart design was one among beautiful presentations in the Valentine’s Day edition of Floral Fundamentals magazine. It is Valentine’s season, so let’s talk love and all…

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‘Love will keep you warm’ – Valentine’s Day with Alex Segura and Porta Nova roses

Subtle hints of a future in floristry could be seen in Alex Segura back when he was a child. He would be diligent in his spending throughout the year, then…

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Porta Nova Greenhouse Red Naomi roses Christmas Table Centerpiece by Sarah Crookstone 43


images: Teresa C Photography We are still in awe of how elegant and beautiful Sarah Crookston’s Christmas fine dining table setting with Porta Nova Red Naomi roses turned out. The floral…

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