Lana Bates lights up IPM Essen with a lovely arrangement featuring Porta Nova roses

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Top pic: Lana Bates’ floral presentation with Porta Nova roses and other top roses From January 22nd to 25th this year, the floriculture world converged at Messe Essen for one of the biggest showcasing in horticulture, IPM Essen. The FTD World at IPM was a remarkable point of attraction where florists gave stellar presentations and […]

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Porta Nova Heart at IPM Essen 2017

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During the 2017 IPM Essen international trade fair, Porta Nova partnered with IPM to welcome visitors to the show with the magnificent Porta Nova Red Naomi heart.  In the spirit of Valentines Day, which is only a few days away, Porta Nova was also spreading some love by handing out Porta Nova Red Naomi roses to visitors […]

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