Portanova delivers Red Naomi! ® roses for all Roparun runners

By Posted in - Porta Nova on June 11th, 2014 0 Comments Roparun-Red-naomi

Roparun Team FloraHolland is grateful to her Red Naomi growers for the fact that they sponsor roses again this year for the finish of the approximately 7,000 Roparun runners.

On monday, June 9th all the participants and volunteers of the Roparun received a beautiful Red Naomi! Rose Since 2009, the roses are sponsored by the growers of Red Naomi! ® from breeder Schreurs.

Red Naomi! The large-flowered strong red rose with a subtle aroma and a long vase life. The roses came from alle the dutch rose nurseries growing red Naomi. Nursery Portanova is the largest grower in the world of high quality Red Naomi roses and therefore did the largest contribution this year.

The Roparun Team FloraHolland participates for the 16th time. This year 339 teams leave Hamburg and Paris for a nonstop relay race over 520 kilometers. Roparun Team FloraHolland departs Saturday, June 7th end afternoon from Paris and ended monday afternoon at the Coolsingel.