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May is a month like no other. This is because during this month people come together to honor and celebrate the most important individual in the family setting, the Mother. Porta Nova would love to wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to all these incredible women.

VIDEO: Porta Nova roses Mother’s Day moments with Doll’s Blumen

Mother’s Day enjoys significant popularity in the present days. The day has been observed for many years with historic evidence tracing similar celebrations back to Ancient Greeks and Romans. Mother’s Day also bears a lot of similarity to an early Christian festival known as “Mothering Sunday” which was once a major tradition in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe.

porta nova red naomi mothers day red roses
Bouquet by Hannah Burnett Florist from Devon in Southwest England

Mother’s Day is commonly celebrated in May (mostly on the second Sunday of the month). But the day is also marked on different days in some parts of the world. There are countries, especially in Eastern Europe, that celebrate the day in March with a few others marking the day in other months.Mother’s Day UK is marked on March 31st

porta nova mothers day red naomi red flowers
Mother’s Love is felt by everyone regardless of age. A special bouquet by Ski blomsterforretning as – @skiblomster

The list of goodies is endless, but we will all agree that nothing says ‘I Love You Mum’ more profoundly than a bouquet of stunning red roses. The connection between red roses and love is the most enduring and well known tradition in the world of floristry. That is why any good florist will never miss a number of excellent options for red rose designs. It could be anything from a single red rose stem with a tiny design on it to bigger more elaborate designs. It could be red roses in a well arranged mixed bouquet or a rose plant in attractive red. 

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This inspiring Porta Nova bouquet by Finnish floral designer Pirjo Koppi can be used as a classic Mother’s Day arrangement

This May, why not excite your clients with a bouquet of Red Roses… preferably top quality Porta Nova Red Naomi roses. Accent that bouquet with some Porta Nova roses, or simply offer a dozen top quality Porta Nova Red Naomi roses… this will make for the most memorable day ever.

porta nova mothers day red naomi
A sparkling floral delight for Mom by Mon Fleuriste