At Porta Nova quality enjoys top priority. Naturally the quality of our products is our top priority, but we also ensure that we provide quality in every aspect of our business operations.

One of these aspects is our duty to care for the environment. The intention at Porta Nova is to produce the best quality product available, while also being the most environmentally friendly roses producer.

Porta Nova has already received multiple nominations for the manner in which it operates:
2011: Most innovative rose nursery
2013: Most energetic nursery

Porta Nova is MPS (More Profitable Sustainability) certified for the care we show for our products and the environment.


Below is a brief overview of how Porta Nova deals with various components of the environment:

Rainwater that falls on the greenhouse is collected in a water basin, which is then used to water the plants. After the plants have been watered, all excess water is collected, purified and supplemented with the required nutrition for reuse. In this manner we are assured that we always have sufficient water supply available.

CO2 is a waste product throughout the entire world, but when it comes to roses it is one of the most important elements to obtain good quality. Porta Nova therefore extracts CO2 from its own power facilities and from a power plant in Rotterdam. In this manner we are doing our part to reduce CO2 emissions.

Porta Nova does not grow its roses in soil, but in rock wool, which allows us to add the exact amount of fertiliser required, without causing any waste. We also do not place any strain on the soil at all.

Porta Nova sells its product free of any disease and pests. Each week a team of specialists make an analysis of the entire greenhouse whereby it is assessed whether additional natural enemies against pests need to be deployed, which helps us to reduce pesticides required to an absolute minimum.

Porta Nova has been on the constant search for the most environmentally friendly solutions for the energy required for the cultivation process since its establishment in 2002.

The power facilities that were installed with the building provide the electricity, heat and CO2 required for the cultivation process. Any excess heat is supplied to a neighbouring nursery (Sjaloom pot plant nursery) to ensure that we do not waste any energy.

Our newest location is the next big step that we have taken towards energy neutral cultivation. Heat is extracted from the greenhouse during summer and stored in the soil, which is then used in winter to heat the greenhouse. This enables us to save considerable amounts of energy. The heat that we extract during summer also leads to a reduction in the greenhouse temperature, which allows us to grow high quality products also during the summer season.

We can therefore make the bold statement that the quality of Porta Nova roses is consistent all year round.