Mega Arrangements

Floral art can be presented in many diverse ways. Size is one of the factors that describe a work of floral design. It could be small, elegant and pretty, like an arm corsage on a girl just about to enjoy her prom night; or large, elegant and impressive like one of the floats we see during spectacular floral parades. The huge floral designs that are true art statements on their own are what we call Mega Arrangements.  These designs have that legit WOW factor. You will catch such at flower design shows, fairs and other related events. Genuine pieces of art with hundreds or even thousands of flowers and well thought out constructions that act as bases. Mega Arrangements call for superb floristry skill and technique; and can be said to be the truest test of a good floral designer.  Checkout out below an inspiring and extensive overview of Mega Arrangement pictures. Designs made with Red Naomi and White Naomi roses from Porta Nova.

Porta Nova Red Naomi Austrian President Timo Bolte“Flickering Flame” Porta Nova Roses Fabio Pedone FleurAmour 2016Stef Adriaenssens christmas porta nova red naomiRed Naomi Wishing Well at IPM Essen 2015Doué-la-Fontaine red naomi roses porta novaRed Naomi Porta Nova Westland Floating ParadePorta Nova Red Nbaomi Floral Dress Cyrille Ribet 42Valentine's Day ultimate symbol of love porta nova red naomi roses 15FLORAL FUNDAMENTALS’ EXHIBIT AT CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW WITH PORTA NOVA ROSES popo3lana bates porta nova fleuramour mega arrangement 80IPM Essen Porta Nova Red Naomi Lana Bates Valentines Day guests 53