Florist Regine Mottman is runner’s up for Porta Nova Flying Dutchman Competition

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Florist Regine Mottmans of Belgian based Florigineel scooped second position in the recently concluded Porta Nova Red Naomi Flying Dutchman competition. Regine shared with us photos of her impressive creations using Porta Nova roses as the focal flowers during the competition which was launched in November last year.

Floregineel regine mottmans Red Naomi

Porta Nova Red Naomi roses inside Regine’s shop Florigineel

Her prize, which she received just in time for the busy Valentine’s season was 80 SUPRA “Porta Nova” Red Naomi Roses (70cm), a Porta Nova Jacket and a Porta Nova glass vase. The promotional campaign was organized to highlight the superb service of Flying Dutchmen operating out of Holland that work closely with Porta Nova to reach Florists in vast locations across Europe. And also show appreciation to their clients who use our Porta Nova Red Naomi roses to create amazing floral designs.


For runner’s up position, Regine received 80 SUPRA “Porta Nova” Red Naomi Roses (70cm), a Porta Nova Jacket and a Porta Nova glass vase


The prize was just in time for Valentine’s Day 2016