Porta Nova roses, fit for every occasion

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The versatility of Porta Nova Red Naomi roses lies not only in her beauty but also the unique way the roses bring out liveliness and elegance in any occasion. Be it a glamorous wedding, a VIP event, corporate function, or even a single Porta Nova stem in a bid to convey affection during special days such as Valentines or anniversaries. 


A delightful table arrangement with Porta Nova roses by renowned florists Araik Galstyan and Elly Linn. 


Beautiful Christmas composition by Mother and Daughter team of Annalisa and Antonella of Fiori Bertola


An artful fashion creation with Porta Nova roses by floral designer Thomas Rinaldi with a rich Gothic theme. 


When Kylie Minogue held an exclusive book launch and signing at the prestigious Harrods Store in London, the organizers pulled out all stops to make sure the event was an ultimate statement of fashion and glamour. With Jeff Leatham’s creative styling using Porta Nova Red Naomi roses, the ambiance was very classy.


Floral designer Robert Koene with a Church wedding decoration. The isle looks heavenly with Porta Nova roses. 


A romantic touch during St Jordi’s Day by Feran Florista using Porta Nova roses.


An elegant Porta Nova rose bouquet fit for many occasions including Mother’s day and Valentine’s Day.