Celebrating The Day of Knowledge in Russia with Porta Nova and other Flowers

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In Russia, September 1st is back to school day; the official first day of the academic year for schools and higher learning institutions across the country. This day is also known as “The Day of Knowledge” and is celebrated across Russia with pomp, color and of-course many, many flowers.

For local florists, the Day of Knowledge is easily their third biggest sales day. It is a day of pride for parents and their kids as the pupils dress up and walk to their respective schools each carrying a bouquet of flowers for their teachers. For first graders, a special ceremony is organized for them called “The First Bell”. In their hundreds, the first graders mill around in excitement all with flower bouquets waiting for their very first bell.


The tradition of buying flowers on the first day of school has been practised since the early 80s and it is not only in Russia but also in some other former Soviet Union countries such as Ukraine. Initially parents would pick ‘in-season’ flowers such as dahlias and gladioluses from their own or from neighbours gardens. The trend shifted to buying from Grandmas selling flowers on the streets and outside grocery stores. But now the flowers are bought from flower shops with florists creating beautiful bouquets for their many clients.

In order to offer the very best, florists use flowers such as Porta Nova Red Naomi roses in elaborate bouquet designs that also feature some elements of school life such as rulers, pens, pencils e.t.c. A Porta Nova bouquet can be mixed with other flowers such as carnations, orchids, hydrangeas, sunflowers and even other colored roses. With the advent of technology, some parents order their flowers online and have them delivered on the morning of September 1st. 

Porta Nova proudly wishes everyone all the best and happiness during the forthcoming Day of Knowledge.