Everlasting quality

Roses are our passion. Roses are our life. Day in, day out, we do everything we can to make roses grow and bloom. Not on our own, but with hundreds of specialists who take meticulous care of their roses. And, in turn, we take care of the people who take care. We give them freedom and responsibility. We feed them with knowledge and solutions. And this is reflected in everything Porta Nova produces.

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Who are we?

Porta nova is the biggest grower of Naomi roses in the world and we are dedicated to deliver the absolute best quality. We grow about 60 mlj Naomi roses, delivering floral happiness to roughly 20 mlj. People every year. Every day, we strive to do better than the day before. You could say that we have an unending improvement process. This is reflected in our manifesto and the infinity symbol on our revamped logo.


“This is what good vibes, creativity, teamwork and gorgeous roses get you” Claudia Tararache

In this article, floral artist Claudia Tararache takes us behind the scenes in the making of this gorgeous floral crown. She shares a story of creativity, and lasting relations that…

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Angelica Lacarbonara shares her excitement on a Post COVID Italian Wedding Floral Scene

Just like her peers in the floristry world, Angelica is over the moon about a fresh restart after wedding ceremonies were allowed once again since the devastation brought about by…

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Sarah Crookston’s exquisite Porta Nova White Naomi wedding

The last time Sarah Crookston graced our Porta Nova pages, she had just created an awe-inspiring festive season table using Porta Nova Red Naomi roses. During the same period, she…

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Caroline Marshall-Foster sheds light on the State of the UK Floral Wedding Market in light of COVID 19

We asked Caroline Marshall-Foster, Editor of Florist Trade Magazine, and head of Good Florist Guide on how Covid-19 had impacted the UK floral wedding market and where it is heading…

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Being so dedicated on growing only the best quality Naomi! roses, makes it an easy choice to actually give our clients a rock hard… Quality Guarantee!


Download product pictures, floral design pictures or Porta Nova campaign images for your webshop & social media channels. Even high-res to make printable POS materials for your shop.


Porta Nova collaborates with top floral designers in the world. We offer traders to organize a fantastic show or a special presentation at your or our facilities in order to help inspire your customers.