Month: January 2017

Valentine's Day inspiration - Porta Nova Red Naomi heart

Valentine’s Day inspiration – Porta Nova Red Naomi heart window display

Valentine’s still stands out as one of the most important days for florists all over the world. For German florists however, the season of lovers sometimes presents itself as bitter-sweet….

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Porta Nova Red Naomi single rose power

Power of a Single Porta Nova Rose

You can always spot an adorable sparkle in someone’s eye when they receive a red rose. A sparkle often followed by a genuine smile that shows how much they feel…

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Angelica Lacarbonara’s Porta Nova Red Naomi Wedding & her love for Floral Design

Early February, a few days before Valentine’s Day, floral designer Angelica Larcabonara will be in the beautiful Italian town of Rovigo inspiring other florists with her signature arrangements. Projects in…

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