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In case you have pictures from your floral creations with our roses, please do share them with us through our wetransfer channel or via Facebook so we can add them to our galleries.


Auction images:






> Download Porta Nova auction images

Porta Nova Logo’s:


>> Download Porta Nova logo

>> Download Porta Nova logo’s all versions


Porta Nova Web banner:
This download contains our webbanners in different sizes introducing our new Porta Nova Assortment. You can use them in your webshop or website and link them to products in your shop or linke them to our article explaining about our product line.


>> download Porta Nova Web Banners

Porta Nova print leaflets about assortment & Climator:
This download contains  PDF copies of our Porta Nova information leaflets about our new Assortment and about the working of the Climator. They can be freely used for websites, newsletters or printing.


>> Download Porta Nova Leaflets

Porta Nova campaign pictures, banners & posters:
This Download contains Porta Nova campaign materials which can be used for website, or for printing posters rollup- banners, or large displays on the wall. the are free for use as long as you do not change anything.


>> Download Porta Nova Campaign materials

Porta Nova inspiration design pictures:
This large download contains Porta Nova pictures from our company and from floral design work and which can be used for  your website, or for printing promotion material,  they are free for use as long as you the designers involved and create a link to Porta Nova (


>> Download Porta Nova floral design pictures

Should you wish to personalize the materials with your logo or in different sizes. just contact us as

Themed Inspiration Material:
These downloads include posters in both hi-res and low res version in English, Dutch, German, Italian and French. Therein you will also find pictures and interview on how the creations were made.


>> Download Christmas Porta Nova Inspiration posters


>> Download All Saints Day Porta Nova inspiration posters  


>> Download Porta Nova Valentine’s Day inspiration posters







>> Download Porta Nova Easter inspiration posters


>> Download Porta Mother’s Day inspiration posters

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